April Showers

Calida Kello
Calida Kello

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  This one-liner joke, stemming from the common quote “April showers bring May flowers”, can give us pause to think, and ponder our lives. 

Many items in life can be used as symbols for other things.  “Showers”, or rain, is often likened to sadness, difficulty, or change.  Flowers, on the other hand, are often associated with growth, creation, or happiness.  You will often see flowers showing up after rain, both in the world as well as in the media.  This is because rain is essential for flowers to grow.

Extrapolating from this and applying it to life is easy – it is necessary for us to experience sadness to know happiness; change can lead to growth, and difficulty can push us to be creative.  This is true regardless of the actual timeframe you are experiencing.

In a year like the one we have just had, it can be easy to focus on what we are missing, lacking, or struggling with.  However, just like flowers or rainbows that show up after rain we too can find the positive things that may come from this season of sadness and difficulty. 

I have been blessed these past number of months to hear about some amazing things happening in our communities: businesses that are growing and thriving in spite of, or even due to the pandemic, families that have grown closer, and improvements in economic well-being for Canadians in general – particularly in lower income brackets. Supports have been put in place, like Jiggity, to support local businesses and accelerate our communities to the future and facilitate connections between businesses and customers.   These wonderful pieces of news sound like some amazing “flowers” to me!

As we go through this rainy month of April, I would like to encourage you to look towards May and beyond – what “flowers” are coming in your life?  Possibly of even more interest (and hope) is what will those “May flowers” bring to you, your family, and your business? 

 I'd love to hear what flowers you're experiencing!  Share in the comments below.

Happy Birthday, Internet!

Calida Kello
Calida Kello

April 7th. Although at first glance it seems like an insignificant, regular day, on further examination you will find out that it has influenced almost every aspect of every day of our lives. 

There are several pools of thought around what date and year the internet can be attributed to.  However one of the dates that is often cited as the birth date of the internet is claimed to be April 7th 1969, when some precursor documents for the internet were opened for comments.  Although this doesn’t mean that the internet was fully operational on that date, it does mark the first commemorated moment that led to the development of the internet.

When you think about it, this seemingly insignificant event just over 50 years ago has now shaped the entire world that we live in.  Communication that used to take months to arrive at its destination now arrives in seconds.  Our social circles have vastly increased, and knowledge is literally held at your fingertips, 24/7.

This past year has been a great example of the impact that the internet has - and can have - on our society.  Even though we may not be happy to isolate for weeks, or be away from family for over a year, we have been lucky to not be cut off from the world when this happens.  Virtual face to face meetings, working from home, and shopping online have paved the way to semi-normalcy even when the outside world seems to be falling apart. 

According to some sources, online shopping increased by as much as 110% year over year during the pandemic.  Rather than not spending money, people rather changed how and where their money was spent.  Businesses quickly pivoted to online sales, even if they had never had a website before.  Local shops were set up in online directories to help customers know who they were supporting when making online purchases, and vocabulary such as contactless pickup became widely understood.

In the midst of all of this, Jiggity found it’s start, creating a way for businesses and customers to connect in an online, local mall.  Using the platform, customers can not only see what businesses exist in an area, but they can also shop from local vendors at home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Isn’t it amazing what the internet is capable of?

So, this evening when you’re off work and ready to celebrate something, raise a glass to the internet’s 52 birthday!

Jiggity - It's about Time!

Calida Kello
Calida Kello

Do you find yourself wishing that you had more time in the day?  Jiggity has just the thing for you - more time!  Check it out in our new video.

Are you ready for Easter?

Calida Kello

The Easter season can mean many things to different people, depending on their personal beliefs and cultural backgrounds.

For some, the primary focus of Easter is the traditional, religious meaning of the holiday.  For others, it is a time to celebrate the renewal of nature as spring arrives. For yet others, the Easter season brings fun celebrations involving Easter bunnies, chocolate, and egg decorations and hunts. For many, it is some combination of all of the above.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Easter, it is a special time of year that most Canadians welcome as the seasons change from winter to warmer.  Why not signify this special occasion with some special new decorations from local businesses?


This crucifix is the perfect emblem for those who try to focus on Christ at this time of year.  With a beautiful wooden flower inlaid to the cross it is a picturesque reminder of the “reason of the season”.

 Intarsia Crucifix

Looking to brighten your home to reflect the spring season?  How about a lovely, colourful wreath like this one to bring the warmth and sunshine inside.

 Easter Wreath

Do you prefer to spend your free time getting the yard ready for another year?  These garden decorations scream “springtime” and are ready to bring your Easter yard some added pizzazz.

                 Rabbit Planter                         Mouse with bunny ears

Do you have a little one being welcomed into your life as spring begins again?  Why not give them the gift of comfort with the baa baa collection, which is a themed set that makes you think of all the new life this year is ready to welcome.

 Mary's Little Lamb set blue

Want to cheer up your office space, while you look outside and wish you could be soaking up some sun?  How about an Easter Egg pen, ready to remind you of your upcoming long weekend?

Easter Egg Pen

Finally, how about adding some bunnies to your backyard that can leave some eggs behind in their wake?  In fact, why not create a family tradition of a bunny themed “elf-on-the-shelf”!

 Iron Bunny

Regardless of how you plan to celebrate the Easter season, Springtime 2021 brings with a special light of hope this year.  I look forward to reading in your comments below how you plan to celebrate the renewal of life, 2021 style! 

Meet our next 20 vendors!

Calida Kello

Last October as Jiggity’s website got started I introduced you to our first twenty vendors.  We’re pleased to say that Jiggity has continued to grow, and we would now like to introduce you to the next twenty vendors that joined us on Jiggity last year.  We hope that you will take some time to get to know these vendors, and visit their online stores.


 Winegarden Estates  Winegarden Estates Ltd

Winegarden Estate's winery and distillery was established in 1991 in Baie Verte, New Brunswick.  It now includes a wine storefront and function room, a small museum and an event barn along with the vineyard and distillery. With over 70 products to choose from, and complimentary samples in the tasting room, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastebuds.  Check out their Jiggity store for more information today!

Electric Kitty Music  Electric Kitty Music

Electric Kitty Music is an express music store that carries a lot of basic needs, but that can also order much more on demand!  With a nice selection of musical instrument accessories such as strings, straps and cords, as well as amps and instruments this is your one stop shop for musical needs.

Watson PhotographyWatson Photography

My favourite part of Watson Photography is the story behind their enterprise.  Although they have had their challenges, they have persevered and built something wonderful together as sisters. With beautiful local photography being used to create lovely greeting cards you can’t go wrong! 

Bordertown Flowers and Frills  Bordertown Flowers and Frills

Bordertown Flowers and Frills is a full service floral business. With a large selection of giftware and artisan gifts as well as fresh flowers, plants, permanent botanical flowers and greenery, they are well prepared to design your special requests.

The Cackling Goose Market  The Cackling Goose Market

The Cackling Goose Market is a dedicated gluten-free bakery, restaurant, cafe, and specialty food store.  Everything they make, and everything they carry in their store is always Gluten-Free.  You’re going to love this place – even if you aren’t managing Celiac disease!

Mister Cedar

Hulio Rethy creates items from cedar that help make your life easier. He understands that being a great Woodworker requires time, patience, attention to detail, and quality materials. These ingredients go into every piece he crafts, so everything is original and built to last the test of time. 

Carter's Sports Cresting  Carter's Sports Cresting Ltd

With an in-house production facility, Carter's Sports Cresting is able to produce high quality promotional products, printing, embroidery, engraving & signs to help promote your business or group.  Not only that, they also provide signage to assist your location with COVID safety!


As an experienced quilter, Christine had all of the skills needed to start producing Nova Scotia tartan masks during COVID.

Athol Forestry  Athol Forestry Cooperative

Athol Forestry is a woodlot owner cooperative and retail store specializing in work wear, forestry tools and accessories, safety gear and even casual wear.  Browse their selection as you prepare for another year in the great outdoors.

Amherst Artisan Gallery  Amherst Artisan Gallery

The Amherst Artisan Gallery presents one-of-a-kind, hand-made treasures such as paintings, carvings, and jewelry created by over 70 artists and artisans from both the Cumberland and Westmorland Counties. With so many beautiful, locally made items you can enjoy visualizing where to fit everything best into your home décor.

Back Office Guy  Back Office Guy

 Sometimes businesses need support, as we all know.  That’s why it’s great to have vendors like Back Office Guy on Jiggity!  Back Office Guy can help businesses collect decision making information, both by helping them work through their data and by collecting data for them! 

Dobson Farm

Who doesn’t enjoy fresh food from the farm? Dobson farm offers fresh raw honey, beeswax products, and fresh pastured eggs.

Don's Glass Works

Don is inspired by what he finds in nature, whether it is a piece of wood, glass, or treebark. Nature has been his calling and passion, honing his crafts. Everything he creates is done by hand.

DisruptED  DisruptED KAAMP Software Innovations Inc

Find the perfect balance of education, fun, and entertainment for your preschooler with disruptED’s digital learning kits!  Their digital learning kits combine AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), activity books, books, and gamified activities to bring your child an exciting new way to learn.

Far West Fabrications  Far West Fabrications

Whether you’re looking for small ornaments or custom-built truck flat-decks Far West Fabrications has you covered for any handmade wooden and metal equipment, items, and art and decor.

Angry Alpaca and Hummingbird HomesteadAngry Alpaca & Hummingbird Homestead

Do you like tea time?  Angry Alpaca / Hummingbird Homestead offers fun, full-flavoured, unique and natural loose leaf teas blended in Cumberland County!  With extras such as scented soy candles and preserves made with local ingredients you’re sure to find something to make your day scent-sational.

Mercy and Me Chewelry and more  Mercy and Me Chewelry

 Mercy & Me Chewelry and More makes safe, handmade, quality products that are tailored to your needs. Although their focus was initially just on products for teething babies, they have now expanded to create quality items for the whole family.

Knots for your neck

These hand-knitted scarves from are made from high quality micro fiber yarn that traps a layer of air and keeps you ultra warm.

Brandon's Bakery

Are you craving some yummy homemade bakery items, but just don’t have the time to make them yourself?  Try Brandon’s Bakery Products, which include Jam Cookies, Muffins, Cookie Dough, Chicken Pot Pie & Biscuits.

Carver's Crafts and Creations  Carver's Crafts and Creations

If you’re looking for something homemade, Carver’s has something for you.  With the ability to create beautiful works of art using wood, crafts, sewing, and crocheting they can make something unique for you.

There you have it – the next group of vendors.  Stay tuned for our next set of businesses, and in the meantime enjoy browsing the stores for all of our wonderful vendors.  Want to be featured in our next set of businesses?  Sign up today to start selling!

Saint Patricks day is coming!

Calida Kello
Calida Kello

Green, Shamrocks (or clovers), alcohol, rainbows, pots of gold and leprechauns... if you ask most people what they think of when they think of Saint Patrick’s day at least one of these words are likely to come to mind.  However, particularly in the Atlantic Provinces where Celtic history is so strong (some communities have up to 30% of their population coming from Irish descent!) it’s a good idea to know a little bit more of the history that accompanies this unofficial holiday.

Patrick, born around 387 AD, was captured as a young adult by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave.  While he was there he became quite religious, and six years later after escaping back to his family he entered the church and became a priest.  Later in his life he went back to Ireland – this time as a missionary. He played a key role in converting many people from Ireland to Christianity, for which he was later given Sainthood – ultimately resulting in becoming one of the patron saints of Ireland.  One of the things he is known for is using the three leaves of a shamrock (clover) to explain the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) – hence the association of Saint Patrick’s day with clovers. March 17th is the day that he is believed to have died, over time leading to Saint Patrick’s day celebrations around the world in Irish communities.


This holiday has been celebrated for over a thousand years as a religious holiday, and was often celebrated with dancing, drinking, and feasting with a traditional Irish meal of cabbage and Irish bacon (more similar to Canadian bacon than American bacon). As with many holidays, over time the traditions of Saint Patrick’s day have changed and become less religiously tied.  Movies led to associations of the holiday with leprechauns, and parades have become more commonplace to celebrate the day.

Although this year may look slightly different from previous years in terms of St. Patrick’s day celebrations, we have built some “luck” in the Atlantic provinces this past year with keeping the spread of COVID relatively minimal.  This means that as we approach the “greenest day of the year” we still have the opportunity to celebrate with our close friends and family.  Why not check out some items in Jiggity’s featured products that might help put you in the mood to celebrate this St. Patrick’s day?

Why do people shop online? Part 2

Calida Kello

The truth is that even before COVID hit, Millennials – the current group with the most purchasing power – made 60% of their purchases online (data from 2019).  This was an increase of 13% over a study done in 2017, just two years earlier.  This is obviously influenced by a number of factors, not least of which is that technology is growing, and therefore so are the number of stores and items available online.

In general, motivation for online shopping is driven by three primary factors: convenience, time, and money.  Let’s explore 12 of the reasons why individuals choose to shop online, even when COVID is not a factor.

1.  Simple and Convenient

  • For people who lead busy lives, it can be challenging to fit shopping into their day at all – much less during business hours.  Whether you’re already working the hours that businesses are open, or just finding it hard to get ready to go out with a few tag-alongs, having the opportunity to shop at your favourite stores anywhere, anytime is a huge draw.  In fact, 58% of online shoppers claim that the convenience of shopping 24/7 is the primary reason that they shop online.  Add in the simplicity of having orders dropped at your doorstep, and it’s an irresistible combination for many people.

2.  Ease

  • We’ve all been there.  You’ve finally written your list of things that you need to get, and you notice that not only will you need to pick up a single item from multiple stores, but they are also (very inconveniently) located in different parts of the town. To make matters worse, you know that at least one of your items may - or may not – be in stock at the store. Online shopping makes finding what you need easy!  Forget waiting in lines at multiple stores, or spending hours walking up and down aisles looking for that one elusive item.  You can do a quick search from the store’s catalog online, and avoid driving from store to store to stand in lines.  Just think about everything you can do with the time you save!

3.  Easier to compare pricing

  • Let’s face it – most of us don’t have an infinite budget. For the bargain hunters out there, it is much easier to compare pricing between places when you can put products side by side.  Rather than driving back and forth to different stores, shopping online allows you to open tabs from multiple stores at once to see who is offering what products, and at what prices. This is particularly convenient, since many stores offer special deals online that are not available in store.

4.  More selection and variety

  • The reality is that no brick and mortar store can carry all variations of all products available. They try to carry the items that most people in the area will regularly purchase, and most of the time that works for customers.  However, sometimes you may be looking for a specific item that you just can’t find locally.  Being able to shop online gives you a much broader market to search for that product, since you can order something from a store located further away than you’re able to drive.

5.  Speed

  • In the fast paced world that we live in, many people quickly get frustrated when their own agenda is impeded by other’s schedules.  Online shopping offers none of the time frustrations that accompany in-store shopping, such as crowds, line-ups, and the o-so-fun parking challenges.  Bonus – you won’t need to worry about losing your car after parking it either!

6.  Everything sold in one place

  • Big box stores such as Walmart began operating around 1962 – less than 60 years ago.  Since then, many new versions of big box stores began operating and became quite successful because they offered many kinds of products in one location, allowing customers the opportunity to buy many things in a single place, with a single checkout. Online marketplaces such as Jiggity and Amazon allow customers to do something similar, except with a wider variety of stores, brands and products.

7.  Social proof

  • How often have you searched for reviews of a product before making a purchase?  Whether it is through Social media, purchaser reviews, or product recommendations from a friend most of us have looked for information to guide our decision making when it comes to spending our hard earned money.  Product reviews accompany most items for sale online, with verified purchases built into the review system.  This social proof can come in quite handy when deciding what version of a specific item you want to get.

8.  No sales pressure

  • Depending on the store, browsing for items can sometimes come with over-exuberant sales staff that can make you feel uncomfortable, or that pressure you into buying items that maybe weren’t exactly what you wanted.  Shopping online removes the sales pressure, allowing you to browse to your heart’s content.

9.  Discreet shopping

  • Some people feel uncomfortable walking around in certain stores, or even in certain parts of a store.  Whether it is because of certain hygiene products, underclothing items or something else the ability to maintain anonymity by shopping online can be a huge draw for some people.

10.  Clear information about products and vendors

  • I already mentioned the availability of social proof being convenient for many who are trying to learn about products before buying, however that sentiment extends to all information about both products and vendors as well.  Full descriptions can help you to understand what a product is made out of, and help you to see the item in your life.  Vendor descriptions also can guide decision making, especially for those who care about company culture and community efforts.  This information is often much clearer and available online than in stores.

11.  Easy to find what you need

  • If you’re anything like me, chances are you have spent at least one shopping trip walking in circles around an entire store in search of one specific product – or an employee that can help you find that specific item.  Thanks to modern day technology, those trips can be a thing of the past.  It’s easy to find the exact items you are looking for by searching directly for the item in the search bar.

12.  Shopping control

  • Occasionally, impulse shopping can take over a shopping trip (and your wallet). Marketers spend a lot of time and effort to grab your attention and help you make unplanned purchases as you browse their stores.  It’s amazing how easy it is to stick to your list when you are able to directly search for the items you need and avoid everything else.


There you have it, 12 reasons that people shop online that have nothing to do with COVID.  As you can see, there are lots of reasons that online shopping has taken off in the way that it has, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

If you need some assistance with shopping on Jiggity or setting up your Jiggity store just reach out to Calida at shop@jiggity.ca, or 902-397-4688 to access full support.

Why do people shop online - Part 1 of 2

Calida Kello

Why do people shop online? Part 1

This pervasive question seems to be wondered by many, particularly over the past year as shopping trends have shifted to reflect the difficult circumstances that the world has been facing.  Among other thoughts seems to be the question of how E-Commerce has changed due to COVID-19, and if those changes will continue after the pandemic is over. 

In reality, COVID-19 did not create the drive to online sales – it just sped up the process for some businesses. At this point in time 80% of Canadians are shopping online, at least for a portion of their spending.  Even if some individuals do choose to frequent brick and mortar stores more often after regulations have relaxed post-COVID, chances are high that many will keep at least some of their online shopping habits. Let’s first take a look at some of the reasons that people shop online due to COVID.


  • Let’s face it – in-store capacity has decreased in a number of ways over the past year.  In some instances, stores closed entirely.  For others, COVID has resulted in reduced hours, or temporary shut downs.  In nearly all cases, the number of people allowed into the store at a specific time has decreased, at times as low as 25% of store capacity.  For customers this has meant significant wait times to even get into the store, making it much easier and simpler to visit an unrestricted website.



  • Going shopping during COVID is like walking through a minefield – you have to take all the necessary precautions, be really careful where you walk, and you still won’t know what situation you’re actually walking into.  Nearly all stores require masks, have placed distancing and directional markers on the floors, and have established sanitation stations in entrances and throughout the stores.  However, no matter how closely you follow the rules and how careful you are you still can’t choose who is in the store with you.  The uncertainty of if others will respect safety protocols, or even if anyone in the store may have COVID is a lingering thought for many.  Shopping online dissipates those fears entirely, as you don’t need to worry about both yourself and others following the rules.



  • Whether it’s real or imagined, some individuals are experiencing “shopping shame”.  Browsing through stores is being discouraged, and there are varying opinions as to what “browsing” constitutes.  Not only that, but there have been comments made in media articles suggesting that people have been present at too many stores within a short period of time.  Regardless of how you personally feel about regulations, shopping online does not carry the same stigma.


Store location

  • The location of your favourite stores in relation to your home is always a factor when considering shopping trips, but COVID has taken these distance concerns to a new level. You can’t cross a border to pick up a couple of items anymore, even if the stores there are closer to your home than others.  Even within your province you may be strongly discouraged from travelling to larger centers for shopping.  Online shopping prevents these issues, as you can get items from anywhere delivered to your home.


Can’t try things on anyways

  • Let’s face it – purchasing certain items online is more difficult than others.  For example, clothing sizes can vary, and many styles fit various body types differently.  In the past, this drove many clothing shoppers to stores to try items on.  However, now that many stores are not allowing you to try clothes on the benefit of making your purchase in person has decreased.  If you shop online, you can return items that don’t fit after trying them on at home.


Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post, when we discuss Non-COVID related reasons for shopping online.

Great News!

Calida Kello

As many of you may have heard, the initial Jiggity project was largely funded by ACOA (the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency) for a six month period of time, which was set to end on February 13.  The plan from the beginning was that the project would continue past that date, under the direction of the Cumberland Museum and Archives.  Although I had been anticipating that this would be a goodbye blog post, I was pleased to pass along the successes that Jiggity has had since its beginning.

At this time, we are pleased to announce that with the help of our local partners, the Cumberland Business Connector and the Amherst and Area Chamber of Commerce, we have been able to extend the project by a couple of months as we develop a strategy to expand Jiggity and increase its flexibility. Thanks guys!!!

You may be wondering what this means for you.  First of all, it means that I (Calida) will remain with the project as a resource for businesses as they work on building their online stores.  For now for vendors, things will continue as they have been, with businesses having the opportunity to sign up for a free trial period on Jiggity. 

It also means that you should stay tuned for some big announcements coming to Jiggity over the next couple of months, in order to see how Jiggity will continue to serve you, and our communities, as it grows.

This great news means that there is an increased opportunity for businesses to develop their online services, and to connect with customers.  Join us today to develop your new storefront, widening your customer base and increasing your reach for free!

Valentine's day Gift Guide

Calida Kello

Did you know that in some countries (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) Valentine’s day is a holiday where the women give chocolates to the men in their lives, such as their love interest, friends and even their boss?  The men are not expected to give anything to their women on Valentine’s day!  This is a stark contrast to Valentine’s day in Canada, when men are typically expected to give something to their sweetheart such as flowers or chocolates, with the hope of reciprocation from their partner.

Although this tradition may seem strange, you might be interested to know that this is only because there is a complimentary holiday held in those countries exactly one month after Valentine’s day on March 14th, known as “White day”.  On white day the men respond to the chocolates and gifts they received on Valentine’s day – theoretically at 3 times the value of what they had been given! 

For those who do not receive something on Valentine’s day or White day, Black day (April 14) is designated to celebrate their ‘singleness’, with special meals being shared among single friends.  The history of these holidays is really interesting to learn about – and the colours used in the holiday names refer to the colour of foods traditionally eaten / given.

Since we do not celebrate White day or Black day in Canada, we get these holidays all wrapped into one on Valentine’s day. Whether you are part of a relationship or celebrating your independence this Valentine’s day, Jiggity has some great options to make your evening (or weekend) special.  Here are some unique gift ideas to make your special someone smile this year.


For her:

Take a step away from the traditional with this pewter Celtic heart magnetic bracelet.  The Triquetra symbolizes eternity, while the heart that swirls into a circle symbolizes spiritual union.  What better message can you give for Valentine’s day?  

 Celtic Heart Magnetic Bracelet

Necklaces can provide a visual representation of who someone is, as the pendants often have special meaning to the wearer.  This green and topaz resin butterfly can represent change, as well as luck and prosperity.  What a beautiful gift to give someone in 2021! 

 Green and Topaz Resin Butterfly Necklace

Wear your heart on your sleeve... or neck. As the universal symbol of love (and therefore Valentine’s day) it’s hard to go wrong with a beautiful, red heart necklace like this one.

 Beaded Red Heart Necklace

For him:

Who couldn’t use a new belt once in a while?  These genuine leather belts are sure to last a long time, and can easily be paired with any pants – whether you’re dressing up with some nice slacks or going casual with a pair of jeans.  

Genuine Leather Belts

Vacuum tumblers are a great way to keep hot things hot, and cold things cold as you head out for your work day.  Why not personalize one and give it to your sweetheart for Valentine’s day... filled with their favourite beverage!  

 Personalized Vacuum Tumblers


For yourself:

Chocolates are a stereotypical gift that people give on Valentine’s day, so why not give yourself Chocolate... coloured shower accessories?  These shower/bath items are eco-friendly, and pair nicely with the soft-scented lavender soap and environmentally friendly candle for a wonderful, relaxing night by yourself.

Chocolate Brown Soap CozyChocolate Brown Environmentally Friendly Shower PoufEco-Friendly CandleLavender Soap

For anyone:

Ok, ok – I’ve been somewhat unsuccessful already with breaking items down by who they’re appropriate for.  However, here are a few more items that really can be perfect gifts for just about anyone.

For the person in your life who is tied to their roots, sometimes the best gift you can give them is a piece of memorabilia that will last a lifetime... or more.  This personal family tree can be passed down from generation to generation, giving your family the gift of knowing where they came from. 

 Family History Tree

Sometimes you want to be able to open a bottle and have it keep well until the next time you need/want it.  This beautiful celtic heart bottle stopper will fit most bottles, and is a wonderful – and useful - way to give your heart this Valentine’s day. 

 Celtic Heart Bottle Stopper

Have you been outside today? I hope that you haven’t needed to, and that if you did you made it where you were going safely. The weather isn’t always designed for outdoor fun, but luckily cuddle blankets like this one are made to snuggle up on the couch either by yourself or with a special someone – if you’re willing to share, that is, after feeling the soft texture of this high quality blanket. 

 Cuddle Minky Blanket

Why not put together a lovely basket with a bottle of your favourite beverage to accompany some new, handpainted glasses. This beautiful set will lend a cheerful spirit to your evening both for Valentine’s day, as well as future celebratory events.

 Hand Painted Wine Glasses

There you have it!  13 unique gift ideas for Valentine’s day that are sure to dazzle and wow your partner with the thoughtfulness that accompanies them.


Still not sure what to give someone for Valentine’s day?  Why not give a Cumberland Cares Gift package that embodies the giving that you’re hoping to achieve for this special holiday. Built from a variety of local producers, both the small and the large package are sure to make someone smile this Valentine’s day.

Small Cumberland Cares Package     Large Cumberland Cares Package


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