Frequently Asked Questions by Vendors:

  1. What do you mean by “virtual mall”?
    1.  is a website that joins the online stores of interested local businesses in one location.  Customers can shop by store, or by type of item or service.  Businesses have their products and services listed both in their own store, as well as in appropriate categories.  This makes it easy for customers to move from one store to another – just like in a mall. However, like on Amazon, customers can also search for the products that they want from any of the stores.  This feature means that customers can find your products, even if they wouldn’t usually enter your store for that item. This is accessible to customers 24/7, without requiring them to leave their couch!
  2. Why should I be interested in joining Jiggity?
    1. You will grow your business with this exciting venture, at no start up cost to you! More specifically:
      • i.      Jiggity provides your business with an opportunity to reach customers in the community that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise.  As we know, businesses are suffering because of COVID-19.  Jiggity allows people to purchase items locally without exposing themselves to the risks of being in a public place. It is simple, safe, and does not require distancing or sanitation.  Customers are also able to shop without worrying about distance, transit, or store hours.
      • ii.      Jiggity increases visibility, accessibility, and safety for businesses in the community.  For businesses that already use websites, it gives them the benefit of increased traffic from the marketing of the virtual mall.
      • iii.      People have been increasingly shopping online because of globalization.  This has implications for small business owners, especially in rural locations.  By getting your business online, you are able to meet the need of an increasing population of online users who want to shop from the comfort and safety of their home.  It will also help you reach a wider audience than a brick and mortar store, as barriers such as lack of transit and distance are minimized. 
  3. What benefits will Jiggity provide my business after COVID-19 is done?
    1. As mentioned above, the world was globalizing before COVID-19 began.  This means that online shopping will continue long after COVID-19 is done.  In fact, a lot of research is showing that customers have made a significant shift towards increased online shopping since COVID-19 started. All of the benefits listed above, including a wider audience, shopping anytime, anywhere, and limiting barriers will still be valid after COVID-19 is done.
  4. How can this increase my revenue?
    1. There are several ways that Jiggity can increase your revenue.
      • i.      Customers can purchase items through the online store, which can increase your sales.
      • ii.      Customers will be exposed to your store online, which can be used as an avenue of advertising which may encourage more foot traffic.
      • iii.      Customers can see that you have made the POST promise, which may make them more comfortable entering your store in person.
      • iv.      Customers will be able to purchase items from your store even if your physical location is closed.  This will increase opportunities for them to make purchases.
  5. I’m not good with computers, but I’m interested.  Can I still participate?
    1. Absolutely!  If you are concerned about the online component of getting set up you can contact Calida Kello (Project Manager) at 902-397-4688 or  and she will be able to walk you through getting started. We aim to support you through every step along the way!
  6. I don’t sell products, only services.  Will I be able to use Jiggity to promote my services?
    1. Yes!  The website has the ability for clients to be able to book appointments, or arrange for services as required without needing to call you during business hours.  This will minimize the in-person contact required for your service.  Also, by listing your business on the mall’s website you will have the added marketing exposure of being part of the mall, and show that you have made the POST promise in order to give clients peace of mind before coming in person. 
  7. I already have an online presence, how is Jiggity different?
    1. First of all, good for you!  It’s important to have an online presence to allow customers to access your products and services on their schedule.  Jiggity gives the added benefit of increased advertising for your business, as anyone who goes to the mall will get exposure to your business.  Since you already have an online store, it will be easy to get set up in the mall as you should be able to duplicate your inventory. Another added benefit is that customers can make purchases from multiple stores at a time, which will increase the likelihood of customers making small purchases from your online store.
  8. Who is eligible to participate in the virtual mall (Jiggity)?
    1. Businesses that are owned and operated in Atlantic Canada are able to participate in the mall.
  9. How much does it cost to join Jiggity?
    1. It is free to join and use Jiggity for the first 3 months.  After the first 3 months, a regular vendor will cost from $19 / month + 2% commission on sales + payment processing fees to continue participating in the mall.  If you are only selling gift cards, it will cost $9 per month + 2% commission on sales + payment processing fees.
  10. Who is paying for the project, if it’s free to start?
    1. The Chamber has several funding partners from the community for this project. The initiative was initially largely funded by ACOA (the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency), in order to assist businesses in getting back on their feet after the COVID-19 crisis.
  11. Who do you expect will shop at Jiggity?
    1. Many community members are as excited to shop at Jiggity as you are to sell there!  Don’t be afraid to tell your friends and family to visit you at the mall, even if they’re from out of Province! Even though this is a local mall, our customers come from everywhere because it is available online. We have already had sales from several countries other than Canada! Live global, shop local.
  12. Will the mall do any special events?
    1. Absolutely!  Just like any retail store would market for events, so will Jiggity.  Every week/month will have it’s own theme, but keep your eyes open for big events such as Valentine’s day, Easter, Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and Boxing day.
  13. Is Jiggity Bilingual?
    1. Yes!  We feel that it is very important to offer services in multiple languages – we are Canadian, after all!  The basic website automatically translates, and then products can be uploaded in either French or English (or both). Hopefully, as the project moves forward we will also be able to offer language translations beyond English and French as well.
  14. What about cyber-security?
    1. Jiggity’s site uses an SSL certificate, which means that the website is held on a secure network.  Please note that for payments, we use Stripe which is certified to the highest level of PCI (payment card industry) compliance.  This includes a required secure connection for payment transactions, encryption of all sensitive data, and Stripe Radar – which identifies and prevents fraud.
  15. How can this project increase my foot traffic?
    1. By participating in the mall, anyone who visits the website will have the opportunity to see your company advertised.  This is an excellent marketing opportunity!  Also, if you participate in the POST promise customers can see it listed on your online business profile, which means they may feel more comfortable walking into your store.  Additionally, it can increase the number of customers who come to your store to do in-store pickup.
  16. How much will shipping cost?
    1. Shipping costs and methods are managed completely by the business. As the business owner, you can choose how you would like to set up shipping costs.  You can choose to use a flat fee, no fee, or you can choose to have shipping calculated at the end when customers are checking out.
  17. How can businesses support customers by phone?
    1. The Chamber would like to assist your business in finding ways to access customers in as many ways as possible.  For customers who are unable to use the online mall, it may be helpful for them to be able to call in to your store for assistance, or to place an order. You can review the checklist of potential phone service opportunities in the introductory information package for ideas of how you might be able to accommodate phone in customers.
  18. What is the POST promise?
    1. The POST promise is a Canada wide initiative that aims to keep people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.  By agreeing to the POST promise, you and your staff commit to maintain physical distance, properly wash hands, regularly sanitize workplaces, stay home if you are not feeling well, and wear a mask.  When your business commits to this, you proudly display a logo, which is a symbol to potential customers that you are doing your part to protect everyone’s health against COVID-19.
    2. You can easily sign up for the POST promise online by filling in your business details and answering 5 simple questions; for example: “Do you, and your employees, promise to maintain physical distance between employees and customers within your place of business”?
  19. Do I have to make the POST promise in order to participate in the virtual mall?
    1. You do not need to make the POST promise in order to participate in the virtual mall; however it is highly recommended and it will be marked on your online store that you (and your staff) abide by these guidelines.