Angry Alpaca Loose Leaf Tea Package Various Flavours

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Be Excellent To Each Other
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This listing is for one package of Angry Alpaca Loose Leaf Tea. Please choose your selection from the drop down menu.

 *Description of flavours is listed below!

Angry Alpaca produces a full line of fun, full-flavoured, all natural, high quality loose leaf teas delivered directly to your doorstep!

All teas are unique to Angry Alpaca, and are blended right here in Cumberland County, NS! We feature fun and colourful art on all of our packaging, done by some of Canada’s amazing up and coming artists!  


Be Excellent - Blueberries & Cream flavoured black and white tea

Bohemian Raspberry - Strawberry & Raspberry Oolong and green tea

Peachy Keen - Peach flavoured green tea

Foggy Bottom - Green & Black Earl Grey tea with lavender and lemongrass

Queen of Hearts - Raspberry flavoured Earl Grey black tea

The Sugar Shack - Maple flavoured black and rooibos tea

Tiki Hut - Mango & Pineapple flavoured black tea

Snow White - Apple & Spice flavoured Oolong tea

Cinnamon Girl - Spicy Cinnamon flavoured white tea

The Cosmic Ginger - Ginger & Lemon flavoured rooibos tea (Caffeine Free)

The Lucid Dreamer - Chamomile, Lavender & Mint herbal tea (Caffeine Free)

Proceeds from the sale of "Be Excellent to Each Other" are being donated to Youth Project NS,  a charitable organization dedicated to providing support and services to youth, around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in Nova Scotia! 

We are so fortunate to be working with this amazing organization! For more info, please visit

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